The Competitive Advantage to Sustainable Fleets

In an increasingly competitive shipping industry, offering a sustainable fleets solution can set a company apart from its rivals. Customers and partners are more likely to choose a company that actively contributes to reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

At Paper Transport, we’re driven to deliver more than just transportation solutions. We are committed to being a responsible business partner for the communities we serve, and we are also committed to provide transportation solutions that align with our customers’ sustainability goals. Our comprehensive approach encompasses community engagement, innovative fuel solutions, and effective driver management.

We bring a relentless commitment to sustainable practices, innovative solutions, and exceptional driver management that not only serves our customers well, but it is also revolutionizing the industry.

Environmental Stewardship

Choosing to partner with a sustainable fleet is an act of environmental stewardship. Sustainable fleets prioritize lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and eco-friendly vehicle options. By aligning your shipping needs with these principles, you contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Paper Transport was awarded the Norfolk Southern’s 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award which is intended to recognize outstanding efforts promoting stewardship of the environment.

Delivering Sustainable Capacity Options

At Paper Transport, we understand you have to balance the demands of getting freight moved efficiently with your organizations sustainability goals. That’s why we have built a portfolio of services designed to help you effectively meet both objectives.

In addition to efficient route planning and focus on fuel economy in our over-the-road options, we give our customers the cost-effective and environmentally friendly option of Intermodal transportation. This approach reduces congestion on highways and decreases emissions, while ensuring your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.

We have also pioneered the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and have been in front of the industry for years. Our CNG-powered vehicles significantly reduce our carbon emissions and drive cleaner air quality.

Now, we have taken the next step in this technology by introducing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) vehicles into our fleet. This is part of our commitment to continuous improvement, and a huge step forward environmentally. This innovation gives you a sustainable transportation option that fully supports circular economic principles.

Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Many businesses have adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals that include environmental sustainability targets. Utilizing sustainable fleets aligns with these objectives allows companies to showcase their dedication to responsible business practices and their contribution to a sustainable future. Customers and stakeholders appreciate environmentally conscious choices. Being associated with a shipping partner committed to sustainability improves a company’s reputation and brand image; a valuable asset in today’s competitive market.

Partnering with a sustainable fleet to ship goods is not just an environmentally responsible choice; it’s a smart business decision. It aligns with corporate social responsibility goals, reduces the carbon footprint, enhances public image, and ensures compliance with environmental regulations. Choosing a sustainable fleet as a transportation partner isn’t just about shipping goods; it’s about making a positive impact on the world and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Improving sustainability in your fleet can have a significant positive impact on the environment and your organization’s ecological footprint, so here are five tips to help you achieve a more sustainable fleet:


Paper Transport is a proud recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award.

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