Is Becoming an Owner Operator For You – Research

PTI Owner Operator Dave Luepke's Truck
Photo provided by current PTI Owner Operator Dave Luepke.

It’s Important to Know What’s to Come as an Owner Operator

In the first two parts of Things to Consider Before Becoming an Owner Operator, we focused on the subjects of finances and the skill sets of a would-be owner operators.

Today, we’re focusing on understanding what you’re getting in to. There’s the idea in your head about something and then there’s the real facts. Right now, here are a few tips to help you determine if being an owner operator is right for you.

Reach out to Current Owner Operators

Ask other truck owners what they like and dislike about being on their own vs. a Company Driver. Their honest opinions could provide you with some good insight on if it will be a good fit for you.

Talk to Lease-to-own Companies

There are different trucking companies that help Class A truck drivers become owner operators. These companies have programs in place where drivers lease a truck from the company, or a bank or credit union, and make payments to eventually own that truck. Make it a point to talk with different ones to understand how they operate and what they can offer potential owner ops.

Head to Your Local Truck Dealership

Truck dealers are where owner ops typically purchase their trucks if they’re not going the lease-to-own company route. These dealerships are filled with a lot of knowledge about owning a truck and the industry itself if they’re willing to share.

Ask Questions on Trucking Forums

If you’re reading this article, you are already doing general research online. Take it a step further: Go to Class A Trucking websites that house forums. It’s a great opportunity ask questions and connect with others.

Learn From Other Business Owners

There is a lot that can be learned from business owners who aren’t owner ops. They can give you valuable advice on what it takes to run a successful company, which you can apply to owning your own truck.

“Do your research so you are prepared, whether it’s researching online or asking random owner ops on the road. Being prepared for what’s to come will make planning how to be successful that much easier. So, ask as many questions as you can know matter how stupid a question may seem. Remember this is your career and a life change so get all the knowledge you can.”

Jay Brockway, PTI Current Owner Operator


By doing the above research, you should be able to get some good information on what it takes to be an owner operator. Remember, making the choice to be one shouldn’t be taken lightly. ad to be sure before you make the leap. If you’d like to learn more about PTI’s Owner Operator program, or simply have questions about being one in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Please call our recruiting team at 1-855-784-5627, email them at, or visit our owner operator page.

Check back next week for the final part of this blog series. And, learn more about the first two parts by visiting Part One: Finances and Part Two: Knowing Your Skills Set.