What to Expect at Driver Orientation

You’ve accepted a job offer with Paper Transport and are starting to prepare for the driver orientation process. Asking the right questions and being prepared beforehand can make the experience more enjoyable. Learn what to expect as we we address the most commonly asked questions! Watch our full video answering commonly asked questions below:

Commonly Asked Orientation Questions:

  1. Where is orientation?  Orientation is done live in Green Bay, WI.  It is streamed virtually to our 5 other terminals out of Jacksonville, FL, Albany, GA, Muskogee, OK, Huber Heights, OH, and Pontoon Beach, IL.

  2. What should I bring? Bring what you would need for your job (gloves, proper footwear, flashlight, CDL, Med card, social security, etc.)! We will provide the rest.

  3. Will I get paid during driver orientation? Yes! Drivers receive an “Orientation Bonus” on their first paycheck after they’ve pulled their first load. Drivers will receive $250-$500 in-home daily positions or $500 in regional non-home daily positions.

  4. Who is responsible for paying for travel arrangements? Paper Transport pays for 100% of all travel expenses incurred during orientation.

  5. Do drivers get their own hotel room or are drivers required to room with another driver? Drivers get their own hotel room.

  6. Does the company expect the driver to pay them back for driver orientation expenses if the driver does not drive with them for a certain period of time? There is no financial obligation or commitment for the drivers.

  7. Once driver orientation is finished how long will it take for the driver to get dispatched home to pick up his/her gear? Typically between 1-3 days after orientation. Although, this is dependent on each individual’s situation.

  8. Are pets and passengers allowed to attend orientation with the driver? No. However, you may bring your passenger or pet to the hotel while you are in orientation.

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