How to Pass your CDL Road Test

Are you getting ready to take one of the biggest exams of your trucking career? Below is a list of tips that will help you pass your road test the first time around so that you can start your CDL career right. It’s been a long road and the end is in sight!

5 Tips to Pass Your Road Test:

1. Know what to expect

Road test requirements may be different in your state. Be adequately prepared to pass your test by understanding the expectations of your state. Be sure to check out the DMV website for practice tests and cheat sheets to become more comfortable with what’s covered.

2. Stay calm and keep your composure

Taking your road test can be stressful and it’s easy to build up anxiety along the way. This anxiety and stress can hurt your chances of doing well on your exam. It’s important to stay calm, keep your composure and take your time.

3. Avoid simple safety hazard mistakes

When taking your road test make sure to avoid mistakes that will result in an automatic fail. Mistakes that result in an automatic failure include: running a red light, failing to signal when changing lanes/making a turn, being involved in an accident, rolling backward before taking off from a stop, and not checking your mirrors properly before changing lanes.

4. Focus on what you’ve learned

Prior to your exam, reflect on what you’ve learned in both driving school and behind the wheel. What tips or tricks did you receive when taking your test the first time?

5.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice makes perfect. Take extra time before your road exam to understand and reflect on what you’ve learned. Study a little bit at a time and test yourself to ensure that you are retaining the information. By practicing you are setting yourself up for success and can be much more confident when going into the exam.

In conclusion:

Your CDL road test will feel like a breeze if you come well-rested, prepared, and don’t stress. Take extra time before your exam to practice and reflect on what you’ve learned. By following the above tips you too can pass your CDL road test!

Have you passed your road test and are ready to begin your truck driver career? We are here to help you get on the road. Check out our Finishing Program and get on the road today!