Choose a Career as a Dedicated Truck Driver

As a truck driver, there are different options for trucking jobs that a driver can choose. This includes routes such as local, regional, dedicated, or even intermodal. Here at Paper Transport, we work with our drivers to ensure that they have a driving position that best suits their needs.

One of the driving positions we offer is dedicated truck driver. Why do drivers choose dedicated? It offers drivers more stability in their day-to-day. Being a dedicated driver, you know what to expect: familiar routes, customers, and consistent schedules.

Greater Home Time and Consistency

Dedicated drivers have a consistent schedule and often drive the same familiar routes every day. In other words, this increase in route familiarity and schedule consistency can lead to greater time at home with family!

Route Predictability

Dedicated drivers typically drive the same route every day. Moreover, driving on familiar routes can lead to an increase in road knowledge. As a result, dedicated can potentially can lead to more efficient and quicker routes to deliver loads. Above all, this helps in trip planning to determine ideal stops and overall safety.

Dedicated Freight

Never worry about where your next load is coming from. With a dedicated fleet, you will be running out of the same facilities across your region or locale. Based on customer contracts with the carrier, there’s always have a load waiting for you to keep moving.

Driver & Customer Relationship

Being a dedicated driver, you get to interact with the same customers regularly. This makes it easier to build a relationship with your customers. It is important to foster that relationship as you (the driver), are representing the company to that customer. Your relationship and performance will help contribute to the success of the company.

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