5 Advantages for Veterans in Trucking

Making the transition from military to civilian life can be quite challenging, one needs to find the right job to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible. In a job such as truck driving, skills and characteristics that are learned in the military are regularly used as a driver. Producing an excellent career for veterans that combines their past military knowledge/skills with their future. Here are 5 reasons veterans in trucking can easily take advantage of a great career:

1. GI Bill Covers Training

The GI bill can help cover the costs of obtaining a CDL from approved CDL schools, making it less costly for veterans. Search for schools that partner with the Veterans Administration as part of the GI apprenticeship program to receive tax-housing benefits from the VA.

2. Travel the US

Truck driving is not a 9 – 5 desk job, drivers are constantly on the road taking loads across the country from coast to coast. It is the perfect way to see the country!

3. Job Security

There is an increasing shortage of truck drivers in the US and numerous opportunities for new drivers including veterans in trucking. Jim Blanchard, a US Marine Corps Veteran says, “Having a valid CDL with a clean license and CSA score means you will always have a job.”

4. Great Pay

According to the American Trucking Association, in recent years pay and benefits on average have risen by 8% to 12%. The ATA predicts that it will continue to increase in the future. Many entry-level drivers in their first year, earn anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000.

5. Military Skills that Overlap

a. Teamwork

The military works as a close-knit & effective unit to complete a mission or a certain task. In the same way in trucking; driver managers, planners, maintenance team, and drivers all work together as a cohesive unit. As a driver, your team sets up and supports you to ensure that you can execute the mission.  

b. Communication

Good and Effective communication is paramount in both careers (Military and Trucking). Communication is crucial whether it’s planning, conflict resolution, etc. Communication is a very important skill to have.

c. Situational Awareness

Being deployed in active combat zones in the military means that you will not let your guard down and that you need to be aware of your surroundings. From a routine patrol to another daily delivery on the highway, everything can change in an instant. That’s why situational awareness is of the utmost importance as a truck driver, you need to be able to see your surroundings and understand a situation. Only then can you truly stay safe on the roads.

d. Leadership

When a task doesn’t go as planned, you need to be able to pivot and take the initiative to resolve the issues at hand. One needs to be able to find issues before they begin and be able to think quickly and effectively on their feet. Problem solving and leadership are some of the most important characteristics to have to achieve the utmost safety.

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