Women in Leadership at Paper Transport

Paper Transport celebrated women-in-trucking role models who accomplished excellence in the industry during the month of March. We would like to thank the women in leadership at Paper Transport for their contributions.

Kira Bronowski – Customer Service Manager 

As a Customer Service Manager in Transportation, Bronowski found a purpose in her role to create positive impressions on customers. “Ultimately, our service impacts a good portion of our country’s end users. My team and I are proud to make a difference one challenge at a time.” Bronowski addressed current trends by sharing, “Five years ago, no one would have expected the fear of not having necessities readily available at your local supermarket. More so, no one would have guessed labor pools to be as challenged or the overwhelming need for the product.” 

Becky Davis - Vice President of Human Resources - women in leadership at Paper Transport

Becky Davies – Vice President of Human Resources 

In May of 2018, Davies was attracted to PTI due to the consistent growth and culture of the company. Her job entails interacting with employees on a personal level as well as overseeing adversity and difficult situations. By supervising how employees treat each other, Davies can see the communication styles in the workplace. Davies loves to see her team be independent and shared “any leader desires for their team to be self-sufficient. We can depend on each other for support, but in general, I like seeing my team perform responsibilities to the best of our abilities.” Davies stated that the “culture keeps me here. I have a genuine desire to preserve the respect and dignity at Paper Transport. The foundation and policies at Paper Transport are living and breathing in the people who work here.” 

Julie Deckner - Project and Development Manager - women in leadership at Paper Transport

Julie Decker – Project and Development Manager 

At Paper Transport, Decker manages the large corporate technology efforts and the web development team. She shared, “I am most excited to see the speed the transportation industry can now move at. With aligned resources, transportation companies can now provide a broader and deeper perspective on practical solutions using a cross-architecture approach. This brings together connectivity, automation, and analytics, and streamlines operations for rapid business transformations.” Decker is also enthusiastic about the growth in women in transportation. She stated, “women in transportation technology have an opportunity to join and work in growing teams that move the country forward.” 

Kristina Deprey – Operations Manager-Intermodal Logistics 

Deprey is responsible for ensuring associates have the tools and support they need to be successful in their job duties and their own personal growth and development.  Her team is charged with executing freight moves throughout the country on the rail profitably and at rate and service levels contracted by customers.  She stated she does so by “securing rail equipment, dray coverage, and rail reservations all while balancing the constant changes to the market.” As for leading her team, she shared that “it’s my job to provide the team with guidance on daily and long-term goals and eliminate barriers to achieving the team’s goals.” 

Carrie Doan – Brokerage Team Lead for Account Management 

For the past seven years, Doan has been in leadership periodically. She has worked in transportation and is currently the team leader for account management at Paper Transport. Doan shared that she started in an operations role and that led her into her current leadership role. “I grew into becoming an operational trainer to help others with their careers,” she shared. 

Catherine Fournier – Senior Account Manager 

Fournier is a result-focused manager with over 21 years of experience in many different lines of the transportation industry. This includes Dedicated, Intermodal, Over the Road, First to Final Mile, High Priority Customer Account Management, Customer Service, Logistics and Revenue Management. In her roles, Fournier shared that she “had the privilege and reward of leading teams to meet company objectives, developing strong customer relationships, empowering high performing associates all while creating and implementing operational efficiencies that have maximized revenues and reduced costs.” 

Robin Gunville – Brokerage Operations Manager 

Gunville is a Brokerage Operations Manager at Paper Transport and could not be happier working in transportation. With almost 22 years of experience, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her team. “I hope to assist in leading them to great things with their future in transportation,” Gunville shared.  

Amber Long – Recruiting Operations Manager

Long was presented the crucial job of identifying and hiring drivers. She shared “I collaborate with my team to ensure we onboard drivers who are safe and personable.” As she leads her recruiting team in the trucking industry, she points out “I get to see the importance of safe driving and the steps it takes to get there.”

ridget Nygaard – Director of Business Development -  women in leadership at Paper Transport

Bridget Nygaard – Director of Business Development 

Nygaard is responsible for enterprise sales, enterprise account management, and customer service. She and her team’s focus is on process design and collaboration between all commercial roles and operations to ensure a great customer experience. The transportation industry has provided Nygaard with a career of ongoing creative thinking and problem solving. “This industry is continually evolving and offering new challenges to solve.  Whether that be with internal teams or challenges with our customers, transportation has allowed me to grow in my career by tapping into my strengths of communication, leadership, and ideation.” Nygaard continued, “I am thankful for the amazing people I have been able to learn from and work with, including industry leaders, peers, team members, and the amazing professional drivers that keep this supply chain moving.” 

Jodi Pagels - Compliance and Risk Manager -  women in leadership at Paper Transport

Jodi Pagels – Compliance and Risk Manager 

Pagels has been with Paper Transport for 17 years. “I started when Paper Transport was small, and to see it grow and to have learned every aspect of the company makes me enjoy what I do.” While she has worked in a variety of departments, she currently oversees the legitimacy of licensing and trucks. This entails checking CSA scores, accident claims, work comp, and legality of equipment. She shared that her job “takes a team. You are all one. You are here to back each other up.” Pagels touched on being a female leader in the industry and stated “this is a man’s industry and world, but the respect from others is rewarding. It’s rewarding to accomplish tasks and help people. I’ll be in trucking until I die.” 

Jill Rettler – Director of Financial Planning and Analysis 

Rettler works closely with the Paper Transport leadership team for financial reporting, planning, and analysis. Rettler consistently empowers her team, communicates, and ensures they have the right tools to do their jobs. More so, Rettler wants her team to have fun because “more of our time is spent at work and with our coworkers.”

Rettler likes to keep in mind the book Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results by Stephen C. Lundin. and elaborates, “we get to ‘choose our attitude,’ we need to have fun and ‘play,’ give positive feedback (not just negative) to ‘make their day,’ and always be in the ‘present moment.’ I try to keep this in mind all the time.” Rettler continued, “what makes a good team is people who want to work together because there is good communication, and they have the tools they need. It is also about having the right attitude.” 

Whitney Schmaus – Brokerage Operations Manager 

Through Schamus’ seven years in the transportation industry, she has had some of the best leaders and mentors. They instilled in her that a good leader is a part of the team. “The best leaders don’t see themselves as a leader but are getting their hands dirty too. I pride myself in doing just that and value the servant leadership framework – making my peers a priority and putting their needs and goals at the forefront. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team at PTI. It encourages consistent growth and being the best version of ourselves every day.” 

Kennedy Schwartz – Account Manager 

Schwartz has held various roles in the transportation industry, including driver recruiting, customer service, IMDL coordinator, brokerage/spot desk coordinator, and her current role at Paper Transport is in Account Managing. “I feel all these roles have set me up to be a leader for my company and customers,” Schwartz elaborated. In her Account Manager role, she works as a leader and advocates for Paper Transport and its customers. More so, she coaches her peers in the workplace and facilitates non-profit work for the company. In her non-profit role, Schwartz shared, “I am one of the non-profit leaders at Paper Transport where I coordinate our volunteer work with the NEW Shelter prepping, cooking, and serving food to the homeless.” 

 Whitman - Marketing & Communications Manager - women in leadership at Paper Transport

Cate Whitman – Marketing & Communications Manager 

Whitman was offered a unique opportunity at Paper Transport to develop a brand presence and strategy. She stated, “at the time, there wasn’t a ‘marketing’ department to speak of (an odd task here and there was facilitated by a multitude of people).” Throughout her time with Paper Transport, she has developed a cohesive foundation and strategy that achieves Paper Transports’ mission of building a great place to work. “I am proud to continue to shake, rattle, and roll to innovate our strategy and lead a team of talented and creative professionals,” Whitman boasts.  

Women in Leadership at Paper Transport Wrap-Up

To our women in leadership at Paper Transport who pave the way and transform the transportation industry – thank you.  

As we wrap up our recognition of women in leadership at Paper Transport, we wanted to say thank you! Thank you for all you have done to help transform the transportation industry and make it what it is today.

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