Growth For Women in Trucking

It is no secret that transportation is a male-dominated industry. In fact, women make up only 7.8% of professional truck drivers in the U.S. Paper Transport recognizes the much-needed growth for women in trucking to ensure our country’s economy continues to flourish and prosper.  

In the video below, CEO Ben Schill and Marketing & Communications Manager Cate Whitman discuss the importance of women in trucking:  

Let’s run the numbers. There are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the U.S. If we were to achieve a solid 8% of women in this profession, we would add 7,000 truck drivers to the industry. That’s just a 0.2% difference. We can do better. It is vital to foster growth in the trucking industry by addressing obstacles women face when entering the trucking industry and celebrating the successes of women who have become visible and influential.  

Companies can prioritize the safety and wellbeing of women in the trucking industry by providing: 

  • separate sleeping arrangements for instructors and trainees of opposite genders 
  • extra support, training, and mentorship for women, including safety, planning, and self-defense 
  • work-life balance, such as the flexibility to be present for family emergencies and functions 

Growth for Women in Trucking Opportunities

Companies can also identify biases and target inclusive strategies, including: 

  • Eliminate the usage of gendered language when talking about truck driving (e.g., get rid of the mentality that “trucking is a man’s job”). 
  • Empower women by dismantling the idea that women cannot operate and drive a truck. Women are as equally capable as a man to drive a truck. As PTI professional driver Lori Sifuentes observes, “I see a lot of powerful women in trucking.” 
  • Train leadership and staff on the importance of eliminating and being aware of unconscious bias when hiring and promoting women in the company. 
  • Celebrate the success of women who have become positively influential and have reached milestones. 

The transportation industry has always been a unifying force that brings people together. It will be even more rewarding as gender diversity continues to grow and we celebrate women in trucking.  

If you are interested in joining the trucking industry, there are various reputable carriers that are great trainers and value the contributions of women in trucking. Certainly, here at PTI, we would be ecstatic to have you join the Paper Transport family.  Learn more about the inspiring women drivers who work with PTI by visiting ADVICE FOR WOMEN IN TRUCKING – BONNIE EVANS.