You Got Your CDL-A … Now What?

What Brought You Into Trucking?

“I thought it would be fun to drive a big rig,” echo the voices of many drivers as they start their professional truck driver careers. Starting a new career can be both challenging and rewarding. A career as a professional truck driver is even more challenging because it involves a lifestyle change. Our Accelerate Training program helps prepare new CDL-A grads for a career in trucking. 

What Is Paper Transport’s Accelerate Program?

‘Accelerate’ is Paper Transport’s training program for new CDL-A graduates that prepares drivers for their professional careers. Whether you just graduated from CDL school, or have less than a year of recent tractor-trailer experience, this training program will help you get the experience you need. This includes driver trainers helping you along the way, developing driving skills, and preparing for other lifestyle changes associated with a driving career. Candidates enrolled in the Accelerate Training Program are paid $750/week of the 3-week program and there is no contract required!

Week 1

The one-week orientation with other recent CDL-A graduates takes place in Green Bay, WI. Paper Transport provides transportation, lodging, and meals (breakfast and lunch). Drivers receive a private hotel room. 

Classroom Training

Gain industry insight and prepare for other lifestyle changes associated with the job. Classroom training Accelerate students will experience include:

  • Company onboarding  
  • Trip planning  
  • Hours of service 
  • Safe driving practices
  • What to do in case of an accident
  • How to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELDS)

Yard Training

Develop your driving skills with the guidance of our driving instructors. Students receive one-on-one time with instructors to improve their skills. Classroom size ranges depending on time of year or week. Yard skills Accelerate students will experience are:

  • Road test to gauge skills and areas for improvement 
  • Pre/Post Trip Inspection  
  • Placing Vehicle in Motion and Use of Controls 
  • Coupling and Uncoupling 
  • Trailer Backing: 45-Degree Backing, Additional Techniques, and Tight Maneuvers
  • Sliding tandem axels for weight adjustments 

Week 2 and 3 

Once a driver completes the first week of the Accelerate program, they will then begin a 2-week on-the-road training with a certified Driver Trainer. The trainee will be matched with a Driver Trainer that has a similar route. This will help drivers develop their driving skills, learn critical non-driving skills, and get real-world driving experience, all while earning an income. 

One-On-One Training

Paper Transport does not place trainees into a team-driving configuration. Usually, trucking companies have a “trainer” in the sleeper berth while the trainee is behind the wheel. This is not the case at Paper Transport. Our one-on-one training ensures that all the attention is on developing a driver’s skills with the support of a driving professional. We believe this is the most effective way to prepare new drivers for a successful driving career.    

Sleeping On the Road 

The sleeping arrangement, for male trainers and trainees will be spent in truck in bed bunks. Whereas for female trainees, a hotel will be provided if partnered with a male trainer. In addition, female trainees will have the option of a female trainer if possible.  

The Best Trainers in the Industry 

Commitment, good performance, flexible teaching styles, and ability to work with a diverse set of people are qualities that our driver trainers possess.

“Lee Polcin is one of our trainers that will take on new challenges and will work tirelessly to help new drivers overcome the struggles that come with starting a career in transportation. His knowledge of the different fleets and flexibility in training makes him an asset to our training team,” Ross Christensen, Local Operations Manager. 

Lee Polcin, Driver Trainer

“Jason is the most experienced trainer I have come across. He is a dictionary for any issue or problem I encounter. Jason was very patient with me even when I made a mistake. He would come to my level and break down the steps needed to complete a task,” OTR Driver Trainee.  

Read more about Jason Story here.

Jason Waldroup, Driver Trainer

What’s Your Next Step, Driver?

The career of a truck driver can be a challenge but with great support we can help you have a successful trucking career. All set to jump into your new professional career with your CDL-A?  

Learn more about our Class A CDL Finishing Program

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