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5 Summer Truck Driving Tips

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for Americans, everyone is out and about! However, for a truck driver, summer brings a whole new set of issues to be wary of. Here are five summer truck driving tips to stay safe on the road.   Keep Tires Inflated and Maintain Your Tire Pressure If your tire’s air pressure is too low, more of the tire is touching the road leading [...]

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Red Rewards Program: Get Rewarded for Upholding Our Safety Culture

In support of Paper Transport, Inc.'s mission as an employer of choice; PTI has established a driver recognition program that acknowledges our drivers based on established metrics that encourage a performance-based environment, with enhanced driver engagement. All drivers are recognized at our quarterly safety meetings and are given monetary rewards based on the overall score of their Driver Scorecard. Red Rewards Program Bonus Opportunities Our Red Rewards/Scorecard program pays out [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Announces Largest Pay Increase In Company History

We are excited to announce a pay increase for our Class A CDL Regional Truck Drivers! Effective June 6th, all PTI Regional drivers will receive an 8% - 25% pay increase across our Midwestern and Southern United States operating areas. Positions include mileage-based Dedicated Regional and Non-Dedicated Regional divisions. “Professional drivers across the states have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months keeping America moving and will continue keeping [...]

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Our Commitment to Safety

Why does safety matter? The answer to this question is different for every person because what matters to every individual is different. That said every person matters and what matters to you is important and the only way to value both of those things in the most appropriate way and to the highest level is to live with a safety-first mentality and make a personal commitment to safety a value [...]

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Why Veterans Should Consider a Career in Trucking

Choosing a Post-Military Career Jonathan Pence, US Navy Veteran Unemployment rates for veterans increased in the last year to 6.5%, reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic, which is slightly higher than the national average at 6.1% (1). Meanwhile, in the transportation industry, there is an abundance of opportunities due to a growing driver shortage: No matter how technology continues to automate roles and no matter how consumers buy goods, truck [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Virtual and In-Person Hiring Events

Paper Transport, Inc. would like to invite you to our upcoming hiring events! Class A CDL Truck Driver Virtual Hiring Event Where: Virtual! When: May 24th – May 27th – morning and evening times! Discuss our Regional, Dedicated, and Local Opportunities for Experienced and Inexperienced Drivers – let us know What Drives You? And we’ll match the best opportunity with your needs! How to Sign Up for our Virtual Hiring [...]

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Internship Stories: Haley’s Operations Internship

As Haley entered her junior year at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, she knew she wanted to broaden her professional horizons through an internship in transportation. Passionate about her major in Supply Chain Management, Haley was looking for an opportunity to gain experience and figure out what career path would best suit her interests. With previous experience as a logistics intern, she knew an internship with Paper Transport, [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Now Offers Class A CDL Refresher Sponsorship Program in Northeast Wisconsin

Choosing the Right Class A CDL Carrier As you make your move back into transportation, ensure you are looking for a long-term partner for an employer. We’ve seen so many individuals bounce from place to place struggling to find his or her home and even ending up on the outside of the transportation industry once again. Pay and home time are likely very important to you, so make sure you [...]

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Unilever Carrier of the Year 2020

Paper Transport, Inc. is honored to have been named the 2020 Carrier of the Year by Unilever. The award recognizes the innovative solutions Paper Transport, Inc. continuously provides, backed by excellent service. "Being successful with Unilever takes engagement from every team in the company," stated Joe Shefchik, Vice President of Business Development and Solutions. "It takes solid execution, communication, and regularly going the extra mile from the drivers, operations team, [...]

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Making a Difference with Compressed Natural Gas

Generally, I hate stereotypes, but hating stereotypes allows me to fill my own.  I’m a millennial, vegetarian, reusable bag using, recycle-bin office monitor who just wants to make the world a better and less carbon-filled place. First, you’re probably asking first why I’m telling you this and second, why I chose a career within a male-dominated industry that puts one-time use water bottles in a trailer powered by diesel.  I [...]

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Dreaming of Driving a Big Rig: How to Get a Start in Class A Trucking

You may be thinking about how amazing it will be to drive one of these 80,000-pound vehicles. Paper Transport, Inc. has been in the game of transportation for over 30 years. It was only in the last seven years that we began to train drivers from accredited truck driving school programs. In late October 2020, we revamped our training program and launched the Accelerate program, which is deeply committed to [...]

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Boot Reimbursement Program for Truck Drivers

Being a truck driver is not easy. Often, you are required to multitask and think quickly. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have sore, tired, and aching feet in the middle of those busy days. As a truck driver, you should have a great pair of loose-fitting, comfortable, slip-resistant, safe to wear boots. Work boots need to be your second-best friend. So choose a pair of high-quality, [...]

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Paper Transport’s Women in Trucking

Women play an important role in trucking, making up 6.6 percent of the 3.5 million truckers according to the American Trucking Association. Since 2010, the number of professional female truck drivers in the United States has increased 68 percent and continues to grow. For many women entering the industry, it can be a bit intimidating with the long-time misconception that women can't become truck drivers. Here at Paper Transport, Inc. [...]

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How to Pass your CDL Road Test

Are you getting ready to take one of the biggest exams of your trucking career? Below is a list of tips that will help you pass your road test the first time around so that you can start your CDL Career right. It's been a long road and the end is in sight! 5 Tips to Pass Your Road Test: 1. Go into your CDL road test knowing what [...]

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What to Expect at Driver Orientation

You've accepted a job offer with Paper Transport, Inc. and are starting to prepare for the onboarding process. Being prepared and asking the right questions beforehand can make the experience more enjoyable. We have pulled together a list of the most commonly asked trucking orientation questions so that you can get a better idea of what to expect! Watch our full video answering commonly asked questions below: [...]

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How to eat healthier on the road

As the new year rolls in, many of us are thinking about how we can achieve a healthier lifestyle and for those on the road, this can become a challenge. Make a change this year by developing healthy habits that are easy to stick to. 8 Ways to Eat Healthier on the Road: Skip the truck stop & fast food – Although this food might be “convenient” when you’re on [...]

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Santa’s Nice List

Did you make Santa's nice list? Christmas will be here in a few short weeks, leaving many wondering if they are on Santa's naughty or nice list. This year, Santa is making it easy for you to find out. Paper Transport, Inc. has released the 2020 nice list and has checked it twice! Read what our Team Members had to say: PTI employees were asked to nominate drivers and [...]

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Paper Transport Orientation for Experienced Drivers

What does Paper Transport, Inc.'s Driver Orientation Look Like? Steve Wolf, a 22-year Driver Veteran and Paper Transport, Inc. Orientation Manager, takes us through Paper Transport, Inc.'s Driver Orientations for experienced drivers in the Behind the Scenes video below: Learn More About The Orientation Process For Experienced Drivers In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) was able to quickly [...]

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Thank a Trucker This Thanksgiving

As we gather around the table this year with family and friends, take a few extra minutes to recognize the drivers that made it all possible. Each year truck drivers work tirelessly around the clock to deliver the goods that make up your Thanksgiving meal. American's consume on average 51 million turkeys, 80 million lbs. of cranberries, 1.5 billion lbs. of pumpkins, 2.4 billion lbs. of sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Launches Accelerate CDL A Training Program

Accelerate Your CDL A Driving Career with our newest training program Sean Bordeaux instructs the candidate on backing up at the new PTI Training Course while Driver Trainer Jeff Clark and Driver Orientation Manager Steve Wolf look on. Paper Transport, Inc.’s new Accelerate program is designed for individuals who have recently attained or are in the process of achieving their Class A Commercial Driver's License from a [...]

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Winter Truck Driving Tips

As winter approaches don't let the changing seasons catch you off guard. Winter weather conditions can sneak up on even the most experienced driver. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FWA), an average of 5,748,000 motor vehicle accidents happen each year, around 22 percent are weather-related. Poor visibility and reduced traction from rain, snow, haze, and sleet can make driving a challenge. Make safe decisions this year by following [...]

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Thank You to Our Veterans

Thank You to All Who Have Served! To commemorate Veterans Day in honor of those who have served in the military, we'd like to recognize Paper Transport, Inc.'s veterans, who make up 19% of the dry-van company's driver workforce. In the last two years alone, PTI has hired over 200 Veterans. I have always been proud of the fact that our industry has such a high concentration of veterans [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Receives US EPA 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award

Paper Transport, Inc. is a proud recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award for our leadership in environmentally responsible shipping. We are honored to be recognized and will continue to work with our customers to find innovative ways to minimize our impact on the planet. This award represents just one of the ways that PTI is working to reduce emissions. What is SmartWay? [...]

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PTI Announces Pay Increase for Regional Drivers

Paper Transport, Inc. Announces 7% increase and pay guarantee for Regional Drivers We are excited to announce a pay increase for our Class A CDL Regional Truck Drivers! Effective November 8th, all experienced non-home daily, mileage-based PTI Regional drivers will receive on average a 7% pay increase and a minimum weekly pay guarantee. Positions include mileage-based Dedicated Regional, Non-Dedicated Regional, Over-the-Road, and Intermodal divisions. PTI's minimum pay guarantee [...]

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What to Look for in a Post-Graduate CDL Finishing Program

It can be difficult to see through the smokescreen of sign-on bonuses and more to find a good CDL Finishing Program for on-the-job training. Use this as a guide to help steer toward the best Finishing Program and carrier for you. Are you qualified for a post-graduate CDL finishing program? Candidates are eligible for Class A CDL Truck Driver Finishing programs after they have recently earned their Class A [...]

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