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Women in Leadership at Paper Transport

Paper Transport celebrated women-in-trucking role models who accomplished excellence in the industry during the month of March. We would like to thank the women in leadership at Paper Transport for their contributions. Kira Bronowski – Customer Service Manager  As a Customer Service Manager in Transportation, Bronowski found a purpose in her role to create positive…


Growth For Women in Trucking

It is no secret that transportation is a male-dominated industry. In fact, women make up only 7.8% of professional truck drivers in the U.S. Paper Transport recognizes the much-needed growth for women in trucking to ensure our country’s economy continues to flourish and prosper.   In the video below, CEO Ben Schill and Marketing & Communications…

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5 Safety Tips for Women in Trucking 

Truck Drivers continue to rank #1 in the deadliest professions last year. Media headlines featuring attempts to pull truckers out of their cabs, robberies, and being caught up in the frenzy of protests – trucking can seem scary for any man or woman considering the profession in an industry challenged by a the driver shortage.…

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Advice for Women in Trucking – Bonnie Evans

“We Can Do It!”  Women’s History Month helps celebrate women and their vital contribution to society. Rosie the Riveter is a famous icon to represent women who helped cover male positions during World War II. Today, women are changing the truck driving industry with their commitment to drive. Out of the 912 drivers employed by…

Kenworth Paper Transport Trucks

2021 Driver of the Year: Matt Moore



Weather-Related Traffic Crashes

Weather-related traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and injury each year on our country’s roadways. This crash type is defined as an accident that occurs in adverse weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, severe crosswinds, fog, and slick pavement. According to the US Department of Transportation, on average over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes occur…