Top 3 Must-See Trucking Movies 

Our Paper Transport drivers compiled a list of the greatest Trucking movies that exist and should be added to your ‘must-watch’ list! These movies are inspiring, action-packed, and hilarious. Below is a synopsis of each movie as shared written by our drivers!  

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)  

Must See Trucking Movies Paper Transport

“Smokey and the Bandit is about bootlegging and outlaw trucking. It is a great classic that made me want to be a trucker.” – Brandon W, Local Driver. 

Convoy (1978) 

“Convoy was somewhat of a protest movie about being able to stick it to the man … the cops as they were … It came out at the onset of the 55 mph laws … a lot of Hollywood interpretations and way over on the action but still entertaining.” – Frank M., Dedicated Local Driver.  

Over the Top (1998) 

“It’s about a father who is trying to do better and improve his life while getting to know his son. While some people think less of him because he is a nobody truck driver and does not have money.” – Kevin S., Over-the-Road Driver. 

 “… a truck driver wants to get his son back from the mean rich guy, and somehow arm wrestling is involved. In the end, the truck does donuts on the mean rich guy’s lawn!” Andrew H, Dedicated Regional Driver 

Bonus Movie: Duel (1971) 

“Steven Spielberg’s first film. A psychological thriller that is reminiscent of a Hitchcock movie. It draws you in and you cannot stop watching. It is what happens when a car cuts off a semi …” – Chad B., Dedicated Regional Driver. 

Make sure to check out these top 3 trucking movies! They never disappoint and remain classics to this day!

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