Paper Transport Success Story: Operations

The Operations team is the connecting link between our drivers and customers. This isn’t always an easy task but their keen problem solving skills keep drivers and customers smiling and freight moving!

When a Planner and Driver Manager are provided a special task like in the situation below, the main focus is “the need.” Ultimately, our goal in operations is to take care of the driver and customer to the best of our ability. 

The How

First, there is a discussion on “how.”  How can it be feasibly done while still monetarily succeeding with the customer freight? Discussions start with potential schedule options as well as freight we can service to get the driver out of his current location and into our other operating regions with needs. After Planners look at the freight options, then discussions occur on what we can offer for a schedule.

Raciel informed his Driver Manager, Ryan Jasper, that his mother was terminally ill and wanted to be able to see her in person. Raciel operated dedicated in at our Jacksonville, FL office and his mother lived in Caledonia, WI. Once looking at options and collaborating with the team, Planner, Theresa Falk asked if it would be possible to run the driver on a 14/3 schedule. This would allow our driver to take the 34-hour resets in Caledonia.

The Collaboration

Next, is “collaboration.” This is when the Driver Manager will reach out to the driver on the schedule we’ve come up with to see if the driver feels confident with this option. The example below shows the “how” and “collaboration” of this process.

We then presented this new 14/3 schedule option to Raciel. He was satisfied with this alternate route that would allow for him to see his mother.

The Execution

The final step is “execution.” This is a moving part. If the driver is having issues, either with customer delays or mechanical issues, then the Planners would be updated immediately. Planners take action looking at the drivers hours, freight options in the area, and if there are drivers that could potentially even stage the freight for this driver to pick up. After the Planner solves problems throughout the week we keep in mind where the driver needs to park for his 34-hour break. This will ensure the driver lands where and when he needs to be. Take a look at the “execution” phase below.        

 The first 14 days our driver successfully was able to spend his 34-hour reset with his mother in Caledonia, WI. Raciel stayed on this schedule for one month and was able to see his mother twice.  There was a lot of coordination with Planners on how they would line up their loads. We wanted to ensure our driver was still receiving his miles each week and make it to see his mother on his 34-hour resets.


Our driver was able to see his mother, and we were able to service freight as our customers expected of us, it was a win for everyone. Raciel stated, “I was so grateful and spent the entire time with my mother. It was something I will truly would never forget.” Allowing our drivers to be present for their families at life’s most crucial moments while still being able to have a career is what makes the efforts of our Operations team worthwhile.

About the Author

Ryan Jasper Operations Paper Transport

Ryan Jasper, OTR Driver Manager, started with Paper Transport in 2020. Ryan aspires to continue to dedicate himself to his team/drivers with a positive attitude and understanding that coincides with Paper Transport’s core values, while working towards potential leadership opportunities down the road.

Team members Cory Helmle and Theresa Falk share, “Ryan goes above and beyond to ensure drivers are happy. He takes care of issues promptly all while balancing the needs of customers/loads as well. He handles so much more that people cannot see on the outside.”

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