When Should You Use Intermodal Transportation?

In the realm of modern freight transportation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability have become paramount considerations. Intermodal transportation, a strategy that involves utilizing multiple modes of transportation for the movement of goods, has emerged as a game-changer in the logistics industry. Paper Transport offers a complement of two intermodal solutions: the Drayage Solution and the Logistics Solution. Let’s discuss when you should use intermodal transportation.

Understanding Intermodal Transportation:

Intermodal transportation refers to the practice of moving freight using a combination of different transportation modes, most commonly trucks and railroads. This approach leverages the strengths of each mode to optimize the overall transportation process. Paper Transport, with its comprehensive understanding of this strategy, provides two key solutions to cater to the diverse needs of shippers and carriers.

Intermodal Drayage Solution vs. Intermodal Logistics Solution:

Paper Transport is one of the top Intermodal providers in the United States. With established relationships with all of the major rail providers in order to maximize efficiencies for shippers, it is able to provide access to 80,000 rail-owned boxes.

Intermodal-Drayage Solution:
This solution is an integral part of Paper Transport’s asset-based operations and is one of the Top 10 Intermodal providers in the United States. The company owns trucks, and the drivers responsible for moving intermodal freight are company drivers Paper Transport or leased Owner Operators. With full control over the process, this solution ensures consistency, reliability, and seamless execution.

Intermodal Logistics Solution:
This offering is managed by PTI Logistics, a division of Paper Transport. Unlike the asset-based approach, the logistics solution does not own any physical assets or employ drivers. Instead, it collaborates with various drayage carriers, including Paper Transport, to contract and coordinate the movement of freight. This solution offers a diverse network of carriers and maximizes flexibility.

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Advantages of Paper Transport’s Intermodal Solutions:

  • Cost Efficiency: Intermodal transportation often provides cost savings compared to solely relying on one mode of transport, especially for longer distances.
  • Increased Capacity: Utilizing intermodal solutions can help shippers and carriers tap into additional capacity options, especially during peak seasons or capacity constraints.
  • Safety and Sustainability: Intermodal solutions contribute to reduced carbon emissions and road congestion, making them a greener alternative. Moreover, they minimize the risk of accidents on the road due to fewer miles traveled by trucks.
  • Holiday Periods: Intermodal solutions can be strategically employed during holiday periods when traditional trucking capacity might be strained. This helps ensure a steady flow of freight during peak demand times.
  • Challenging Delivery Areas: When delivering to traditionally challenging regions, intermodal solutions can often offer a competitive advantage due to their established rail networks and optimized routes.
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When to Opt for Intermodal Solutions:

Shippers and carriers should consider intermodal solutions under the following circumstances:

  • Long-Distance Moves: Intermodal transportation is particularly advantageous for freight movements spanning 500 miles or more. Longer distances enhance the cost-saving potential of utilizing rail and trucking in tandem.
  • Volume and Capacity Management: Integrating intermodal as part of a shipping portfolio helps balance capacity constraints, especially when over-the-road capacity is limited.
  • Proximity to Rail Yards: Shorter distances require a closer alignment of pickup and delivery locations to rail yard access points for optimal efficiency.

In a dynamic transportation landscape, Paper Transport’s intermodal solutions offer an array of benefits that cater to the evolving needs of shippers and carriers. By leveraging the synergy between trucking and rail, these solutions exemplify the company’s commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the logistics industry. Whether optimizing costs, enhancing capacity, or promoting sustainable practices, Paper Transport’s intermodal solutions stand as a testament to the power of strategic transportation partnerships.

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