Inexperienced truck driver orientation

Kickstart your driving career with our inexperienced driver orientation

Paper Transports inexperienced truck driver orientation is the first step in our driver training process. All drivers will be set up for success with our one-week paid orientation. Drivers will receive training both in our classroom and in the truck to ensure drivers get off to a good start and reduce the likelihood of any accidents. 

All drivers are paid for attending orientation. Talk to a recruiter by calling 855-784-5627 for more information or apply today!


What to expect at driver orientation

Classroom Training

Orientation is done live in Green Bay, WI. Drivers can expect to meet the team and learn about our company and its history, how to operate tablets and equipment, safety, best practices, and more!

In-Truck Yard Training

Drivers will train in the same types of trucks and trailers that they will be driving once on the road. While in the yard you will conduct vehicle inspections, learn vehicle controls, practice backing and turning, accident procedures, etc. 

On-the-Job Training with Driver Trainer

Following the completion of our Accelerate Program or Finishing Program, new drivers begin over-the-road training with a PTI-certified trainer. Trainees can expect to gain valuable experience and learn important skills once they start driving with a trainer. During this time, new drivers will receive one-on-one focus from driver trainers, learn critical non-driving skills, and get real-world driving experience, all while earning an income. 

Is Driver Orientation Paid?

Drivers from the finishing program will earn $750 per week while in the 3 week training period and drivers from our refresher program will earn $500 for the first week and will be paid 100% of the experienced driver rate during the second week. In addition, Paper Transport pays for 100% of all travel expenses incurred during orientation. 


How to prepare for orientation

Complete Pre-employment screen

All drivers must complete a behavioral assessment, DOT physical, drug screen, and background check prior to orientation.

Get your Orientation start date setup

Orientation classes are offered weekly, lock in your start date with one of our recruiters. The length of orientation depends on if you are in the finishing program or refresher program

Receive Orientation Details

A recruiter will reach out to you with your start date, orientation location, transportation & hotel details, and a brief overview of what to expect.

Pack the essentials 

Remember to pack the appropriate forms, documentation, and clothing prior to orientation. 


Ongoing training and Support

Training doesn't stop after orientation. Paper Transport provides all drivers with monthly and quarterly training to help maintain driving skills and keep you safe and compliant with any DOT changes. 

Inexperienced Orientation Testimonials