New Driver Story: Caleb Ellison

New driver story from Caleb Ellison reminds us we all have to start somewhere! Your first year in a new position is usually the hardest – regardless of the type of job. Use the first year to learn from your mistakes and build upon your knowledge. As a truck driver, the first year is important in shaping and determining one’s mentality. Pushing through your first year with confidence will only contribute to your success in the long run!

An Inside Look at Ellison’s New Career

One of our first-year drivers, Caleb Ellison started in January 2021. Ellison had been given the opportunity to utilize our Accelerate Finishing Program, which is a 3-week program designed to provide new CDL graduates with the skills they need to be successful in their driving careers.

Over the past six months, Ellison received a good impression from his new trucking position and had only positive things to say about his new position.

“I definitely enjoy it, it’s really nice that I can do work that honestly is kind of simple, it requires skill yes. But at the same time, I don’t have to deal with nearly as much as the headache as the guys in the office with dispatch, safety, with planning, none of that … I expected that I can just work, work, and go home. I don’t have to worry about anything crazy or any complication about the workday.”

Ellison is very passionate about trucking and enjoys how straightforward the work is and the independence associated with it. But he also acknowledged that even he had faced difficulties and struggled while training.

“When I first started off as a new driver, as a rookie. Sometimes it could be a little bit apprehensive when it comes to tighter spots, especially when you have a sleeper. Some of these spots are a little bit difficult to get into, but because of dispatch, they always try to make sure you have enough time to get that done. They are always paying attention to your timing so that you don’t have to feel rushed.”

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What is Our Accelerate Finishing Program

Paper Transport’s Accelerate Finishing Program is new CDL graduates or those drivers who have less than 12 months of trucking experience. Our driver trainers will work with you to shape the program to better fit your needs in order to develop your driving skills, gain industry insight, and prepare you for other lifestyle changes associated with a professional driving career. Learn more about our Accelerate Finishing Program here.