Unilever Carrier of the Year 2020

Paper Transport, Inc. is honored to have been named the 2020 Carrier of the Year by Unilever. The award recognizes the innovative solutions Paper Transport, Inc. continuously provides, backed by excellent service. “Being successful with Unilever takes engagement from every team in the company,” stated Joe Shefchik, Vice President of Business Development and Solutions. “It takes solid execution, communication, and regularly going the extra mile from the drivers, operations team, and account management.”


Operating for a more sustainable future

In 2010, we saw the opportunity to become the first trucking company outside of California to reduce our emissions with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), a domestically sourced fuel that burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline. Running on Compressed Natural Gas has allowed us to decrease costs, reduce our carbon footprint by .3%, run a quieter fleet, and eliminate the reliance on foreign fuel. As a proven leader in the sustainability realm, PTI and Unilever are already working to lead the pack on electric vehicles and other partnerships to capture carbon from our trucks before it even hits the air.

How you can Minimize your Carbon Footprint

Deliver your products while enjoying the benefits of a less carbon-intensive natural fuel that is more cost-effective, scalable, and better for the environment. Take pride in minimizing your company’s environmental footprint associated with growing customer demand with Paper Transport, Inc. by getting a no-hassle quote today.

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