Internship Stories: Haley’s Operations Internship

As Haley entered her junior year at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, she knew she wanted to broaden her professional horizons through an internship in transportation.

Passionate about her major in Supply Chain Management, Haley was looking for an opportunity to gain experience and figure out what career path would best suit her interests. With previous experience as a logistics intern, she knew an internship with Paper Transport was the perfect next step to advance her career. In Fall of 2019 the perfect opportunity of a Operations Support Internship found her.

Read about Haley’s experience interning with PTI.

Searching for the perfect internship

During my junior year of college, I started looking for local internships to gain experience and figure out what career path would best suit my interests. “Internships in the Greater Green Bay area are limited and I struggled to find an internship that checks all the boxes and gives the experience I am looking for.”

Operations Internship Experience

paper transport 2019 interns

What first drew me to PTI was that they offered a variety of different internships when many other companies did not. Right, when you walk in the door you feel immediately welcomed and can feel the energy around you. Operations interested me because of the fast-paced work, instant problem solving, and lasting relationships made with drivers and customers. Right away I was assigned a mentor who trained me and answered any questions that I had. This really made me feel comfortable and confident right from the start.

My mentor has played a huge role in my success and to this day I still go to her for professional advice. I sat with her for weeks just soaking in all her knowledge and asking a million questions. The one-on-one training really helped me fine-tune my processes and learn how to have those tough conversations.

Accepting a full-time Driver Manager position

operations internship with Paper Transport

I shared my interest in going full-time with my manager. My manager then took the time to sit down with me and create a path to help me achieve my goal. I was  promoted to Driver Manager and able to showcase all the skills I learned as an intern. I am very grateful for Paper Transport taking a chance on me despite having very little experience. Investing the time and resources to properly train and prepare me meant a lot.

Starting your career in transportation

Haley dove in headfirst, taking on every opportunity to grow her skills in operations. Eventually this led her to a career as a Driver Manager with Paper Transport.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today and build your future as a PTI intern.

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