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Things to Consider Before Becoming an Owner Operator – Know Your Skill Set

Having a Well-Rounded Skill Set is Key for Owner Operators In the first part of the Things to Consider Before Becoming an Owner Operator series, we focused on the financial aspect of starting your own business. Today, we’re going to focus on the skills that you should have in order to be successful. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you a chameleon? How well do you deal with being alone [...]

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Things to Consider Before Becoming an Owner Operator – What Are Your Finances?

Owner Operators Need to Stay on Top of Their Finances In the trucking industry, there are two main ways to earn an income as a Class A CDL Truck Driver. The first is by working for someone else as a company truck driver. This is a solid way to earn a paycheck, but there are some drivers who more control over everything they do, what they drive, and how they [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Expands Internship Program

PTI Offers Internship Options for Local College Students Paper Transport Inc.'s 2019 Spring Interns.  De Pere, Wis. (April 18, 2019) – De Pere-based employer and for-hire truckload carrier, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI), is proud to announce the formal expansion of its internship program. The main reason for the expansion is to showcase career opportunities available in the transportation industry to area college students. “We’ve had interns from time [...]

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PTI Summer BBQ Recruiting Bash in Albany, GA

Inviting All Class A CDL Truck Drivers in Albany, GA All Class A CDL Truck Drivers are invited to attend the upcoming Summer Recruiting BBQ Bash, which will be held at the PTI Office located at 1404 Brickline Court in Albany, GA. (Easy in and out parking) The BBQ Bash begins on Sunday, May 5th from 2 to 7 pm and finishes up on Monday, May 6th from 10 am [...]

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A Few Key Tax Tips for Owner Operators

The Tax Filing Deadline is Approaching With the deadline to file taxes coming up quickly on April 15, 2019, here are some key tax tips to keep in mind if you’re an owner operator in the trucking industry. Get Organized – Before you start thinking about doing your taxes, you need to get organized and it’s critical if you want to make the process an easy one. Make sure you [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Earns Two Awards from The Procter & Gamble Company

Wisconsin-Based Trucking Company Earns Two Awards from The Procter & Gamble Company Wisconsin-based employer, and for-hire truckload carrier Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI), recently received two industry related awards from The Procter & Gamble Company during a recent vendor meeting at P&G’s headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. PTI Professional Truck Driver Daniel Campbell received PTI’s first award when he was recognized as a P&G Driver of the Year. Campbell (shown to the [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Awarded 2018 Growth Award by Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin-Based Trucking Company Clear Employer of Choice On Tuesday, the Greater Green Bay Chamber held their annual business recognition luncheon. Of the 5 different awards, they awarded Paper Transport the Growth Award. This award recognizes a business that is locally owned and operated, in business at least three years, and under current ownership has demonstrated significant or continuous growth in sales, service and number of employees. In the 15 years [...]

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PTI Announces 5% Raise for Mileage-Based Professional Truck Drivers!

100% of All Paper Transport, Inc. Drivers Receive a Raise in 2017 DE PERE, WI – De Pere-based employer and for-hire truckload carrier Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) announced a 5% pay increase for all of its mileage-based Class A Professional Truck Drivers on Monday. This announcement is followed closely by the company’s recent pay increase for all hourly drivers this summer, ensuring 100% of all PTI truck drivers in the [...]

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Paper Transport, Inc. Joins Blockchain in Transportation Alliance

DEPERE, WI - Paper Transport, Inc. has been accepted as a member of the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance. Blockchain guarantees accuracy and integrity of globally shared databases that are maintained by its users. Paper Transport, Inc. choose BiTA because of the alliance’s commitment to building a standard communication framework for the next generation of logistics providers. Transportation has been communicating on a standard that was drafted in the 1970’s. Technological [...]

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Truck Drivers Wear Many Hats

Truck Drivers Wear Many Hats Truck driving is more than getting behind the wheel of a tractor and steering a box around the country. It takes precision, skill, patience, and much more. These highly skilled men and women wear a number of hats throughout the day and deserve a lot of respect. Share this with your favorite drivers and be sure to say thank you!

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HQ Grand Opening Featuring Rep. Mike Gallagher

Paper Transport, Inc. to Have Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony With Special Guest Congressman Mike Gallagher With special guest speaker Congressman Mike Gallagher and in partnership with the Greater Green Chamber of Commerce, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) will celebrate its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony 1250 Mid Valley Drive in De Pere on Friday, April 7, 2017. Founded 27 years ago in Green Bay, WI, PTI quickly outgrew [...]

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A Big Move for Paper Transport, Inc.

Paper Transport, Inc. Open for Business in De Pere, WI DE PERE, WI – November 11, 2016 The fastest growing truckload carrier in the Midwest and Southeast is moving its headquarters to De Pere, WI this Friday. Founded 26 years ago in Green Bay, WI, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) has been growing 20% each year for the last 6 years and simply ran out of room at its Executive Drive [...]

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PTI Awarded Carrier and Driver of the Year

Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI), was awarded Dedicated Carrier of the Year and Driver of the Year at the 2016 Georgia-Pacific Corporation's Carriers Conference on Wednesday, June 22nd at the Radisson Conference Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With over 100 carriers considered for the award by Georgia-Pacific Corporation, one of the nation's largest shippers, the 2016 Carrier of the Year Award is PTI's 11th in the company's 25 years as a [...]

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Sandy Loew: One of the Best

Sandy Loew: One of the Best Meet Sandy Loew from Florida. She is an avid reader and huge NASCAR fan. Sandy came to PTI from a company whose owner was good friends with PTI co-founder Lennie Shefchik. When Sandy informed her previous employer that she wanted better home time, so she could spend time with family and her grandchildren, and the ability to work closer to home in Florida, her [...]

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There’s an App for That: Preventing Distracted Driving With Cellcontrol

Improving Fleet Safety By Decreasing Distracted Driving By: Peter Covach, IT Systems Analyst Let's face it: distraction is a daily norm in this age of instant information. Notifications, beeps, and vibrations are constantly bombarding us while the task at hand - driving - requires our undivided attention. Distracted driving has become an epidemic that puts the driver, passengers, and those nearby all at risk. When we were designing our next [...]

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Glen Smith of Florida Achieves 1,000,000 Miles!

Meet Glen Smith from Florida. With a passion for sprint car racing and tinkering with the corvette in his garage, Glen is a total gearhead. It may be this passion that has lead Glen to build a solid professional driving history and experienced leadership record. He was Georgia Pacific's 2010 Driver of the Year and continues to be a one-of-a-kind professional that makes this industry thrive. In the words of [...]

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Alex Green of Jacksonville Achieves 1,000,000 Miles!

Meet Alex Green who hails from Jacksonville, Florida and drives with our Southeast Jacksonville division. Alex has an interesting, but not unusual story with Paper Transport, Inc.: After starting with us in late December of 2006, Alex put in his notice nine months later in September 2006. Two years away, he came back to us in March of 2008 and stayed again with us for another six years - which [...]

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Tire Safety: A Focused Pre/Post-Trip Inspection Effort

Tire Safety: A Focused Pre/Post-Trip Inspection Effort By: Ken Marvenko, PTI Director of Safety Exterminating Road Gators (the treads of failed tires lining the shoulders of highways). As we approach tire-blowout season (May through October), tire safety is a hot topic and CVSA's focus for this year's International Roadcheck Inspection Blitz (June 7-9, 2016). International Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with [...]

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Paper Transport Intermodal Expands Canadian Operations

Paper Transport Intermodal Services By: Wes Kornowske, PTI Director of Operations and Logistics Paper Transport Intermodal has finished onboarding with the Canadian Pacific railway enabling us to begin offering more intermodal services out of/into Canada and Minneapolis. This partnership will enhance our existing Canada cross border offering by opening up more of western Canada. Paper Transport Intermodal is poised to not only handle all of your domestic intermodal needs but [...]

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Why Your Fleet’s MPG Is Still a Hot Topic With Low Fuel Prices

Why Your Fleet's MPG Is Still a Hot Topic With Low Fuel Prices By: Dan Deppeler, PTI Director of Maintenance & Procurement With fuel prices down, should your approach to purchasing equipment change? Let's review a few relevant considerations that impact this decision: Fuel is still one of the highest cost items on the Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) Fuel surcharge programs do not fully recover the cost of fuel [...]

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Sleep Apnea Testing: Trucking Industry Needs to Demand Standardization

Sleep Apnea Testing: Trucking Industry Needs to Demand Standardization By: Barb Kornowske, PTI Director of Human Resources, PHR Our greatest concern is the safety of our employees and the motoring public. While they admit to being tired, drivers will often attribute their fatigue to their lifestyle in the truck and not sleep apnea. Since 2011, Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) has provided company paid sleep apnea testing. Drivers who take advantage [...]

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The Best Employee Wellness Initiative

The Best Employee Wellness Initiative By: Barb Kornowske, PTI Director of Human Resources, PHR A healthy workforce = a healthy company, but how do you get there? With the best of intentions in mind, employers are dreaming up wellness initiatives in hopes to lure their workforces into improving health and engagement. However, their employees are not taking the bait. In a 2013 study featured in Forbes*, 86% of employees don't [...]

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2015 PTI Driver of the Year

2015 PTI Driver of the Year Jacksonville, Florida-based driver Darrell McFarland leads the Paper Transport, Inc. fleet with 2015 Driver of the Year Award. With 45 years of professional driving and 4.5 years at Paper Transport, Inc., Darrell McFarland has logged over 536,000 miles with PTI safely, achieved an MPG of 8 or better consistently, has great rapport with his Driver Managers and Planners as well as customers, and was [...]

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Where Are All the Good Paying Jobs?

Where Are All the Good Paying Jobs? By: Joe Shefchik, PTI VP Business Development and Solutions Perhaps we're asking the wrong question about jobs and the workforce. While capacity in the trucking industry has had some solid growth in the past year, there are major headwinds on the horizon. With an electronic logging mandate taking effect in November of 2017 and the Federal Drug Clearinghouse making its way to becoming [...]

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4 Payroll Improvements That Impact Driver Turnover

4 Payroll Improvements That Impact Driver Turnover By: John Renier, PTI Controller In trucking, there are three basic factors that drive the success of any company that affect driver turnover: Get them rolling, get them paid, and get them home. These three items must work together and if any one of these elements is out of sync, then it can have a big impact on driver turnover. Let's take a [...]

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